Our possibilities

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Mango Vegan Catering is a perfect proposition for your company. We are known for professional and experienced service. We can quickly arrange the event space. We adjust the formula of the conference menu to the participants' expectations, their food or cultural preferences, the space available, as well as the nature of the event and the organizer's budget.

For catering and events contact with our Event & Catering Manager Natalia

883 760 802// mangokoszykowa@gmail.com



Our propositions

- Mini pumpkin hummus with pita

- Tabbouleh salad

- Mini sandwiches with red bean paste

- Mini chocolate cheesecake with nuts

- Natchoos with guacamole

- Greek salad

- Tortilla rolls with hummus, tofu and vegetables

- Mini mango chia

- Vegetables with tzatziki dip

- Quinoa salad with olives

- Mini sandwiches with green peas and wasabi paste

- Rafaello made from millet with almonds

@2018 Mango Vegan Street Food

Żelazna 58/62

Hala Koszyki - Koszykowa 63

Dobra 52

Bracka 20

Złota 11